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Android Device Lehigh Gmail Setup instructions

For Students


Procedure for Android devices, version 4.x or later (examples shown are Android 4.0)

Your settings might look slightly different depending on what version of Android OS is currently installed.

1.) PREREQUISITE: First make sure you have a Google stored passphrase, and that you know what it is. To do this, go to your account management page and click the link labeled Lookup/Reset Google Passphrase (pictured below).



2.) You will be prompted to log in with your Lehigh username and password. After logging in, you will be able to view your Google Passphrase. Since it is long, you may want to write it down or otherwise store it.




3.) At the home screen, go to Apps, then tap Settings.

      In the Settings screen, go to Accounts and sync.




4.) Add an account- Tap on Google.





5.) Add Google account: Choose Existing.




6.) Enter Lehigh email and Google generated password. Tap on sign in.




7.) Check sync options that are needed. Tap Next. Done.





8.) Lehigh Google confirmation is displayed.

Add a description of the account, such as “Lehigh Google” or “Private Gmail” if you have more than one account. This will help to clearly identify the account as your Lehigh Google account, as separate from a personal Gmail account you may have, or another corporate Gmail account.
Furthermore, when reading messages through email app on your Android device you may select either combined or individual inbox.